Staff Fees Form - Employee

Application Deadlines

  • Summer 6/17/15 (if attending OSU 07/17/2015)
  • Fall 9/22/15 (if attending OSU 10/21/2015)
  • Winter 12/31/15 (if attending OSU 01/29/2016)
  • Spring 3/24/16 (if attending OSU 04/22/2016)
  • Summer 6/16/16 (if attending OSU 07/15/2016)

Staff Fees Form - Family Transfer

Application Deadlines

  • Summer 6/8/15 (if attending OSU 07/17/2015)
  • Fall 9/10/15 (if attending OSU 10/21/2015)
  • Winter 12/21/15 (if attending OSU 01/29/2016)
  • Spring 3/14/16 (if attending OSU 04/22/2016)
  • Summer 6/6/16 (if attending OSU 07/15/2016)

**OSU Policy:  Staff Fee Rates are non-refundable if classes are dropped.


Faculty & Staff

  • OSU employees appointed at half-time or more on the first day of classes may register for classes at staff rates. 
  • The employee's .50 FTE appointment must be for at least 90 days.
  • Excludes part-time employees at less than .50 FTE, temporary employees, graduate assistants, and other student employees. 
  • An eligible employee may register for a maximum of twelve (12) credit hours per term at the staff rate. 

Summer Breaks

  • Academic year employees (Classified and Unclassified) - FTE immediately prior to the scheduled summer break will be used to determine eligibility.
  • Employees not returning in the fall will not be eligible for staff rates during the summer session.
  • Employees working only during the summer are not eligible for for staff rates. 


  • Retired employees are eligible for staff rates for tuition if the last FTE on record was at least .50 FTE. 
  • Retirees are not eligible to transfer the benefit to family members.

Other Oregon Public Universities

The staff rate for tuition applies to all seven Oregon Public Universities, which includes:  Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Portland State University, Western Oregon University, Southern Oregon University, Eastern Oregon University, and Oregon Institute of Technology.  Eligible employees may use the staff rate for tuition at the institution of their choice.  Employees that use the staff rates for tuition for courses away from their home institution are subject to the policies and procedures of the instructing institution. 

Transferring the benefit 

Transfer Policy

  • Eligible employees may transfer their staff fee privileges to one family member per term.
  • The benefit cannot be subdivided among family members during the term.
  • Family members may register for up to 12 hours of credit each term.
  • Family members must pay all mandatory fees at the University of attendance.
  • If your family member is receiving financial aid, contact the financial aid office to determine the effect of staff fee privileges on the student's financial aid.
  • The term "family" includes spouse and dependents in accordance with IRS Code and domestic partner and domestic partner's children as defined per Section One of the PEBB Affidavit of Domestic Partnership.

Transfer Process

  • The employee is required to complete the Staff Fee Form each term.
  • Submit the Staff Fee form to your Business Center Human Resources Department by the deadline indicated for that term.
  • If you transfer this benefit to your domestic partner, you must also complete an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership form to be kept on file in Human Resources.
  • The Business Center Human Resources Department will forward the Staff Fee form to the institution where your family member is taking classes after it has been approved.
  • Your family member must register for classes separately.

Excluded Programs

Each campus individually determines which courses qualify for the staff rate.  In the event that changes or updates are not reflected in the Programs Excluded from Staff Fee Privileges  document, the institution's internally published list applies. 

Programs excluded from the staff fee privilege benefit at Oregon State University include:

  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • OSU Extended Campus online and distance courses
  • "INTO OSU" courses. 

Tuition Rates

  • Staff rate is 30% of the resident per credit hour undergraduate tuition at the teaching institution. 
  • Up to 12 credits per term may be taken at this rate.
  • Employees are not required to pay the mandatory fees (including building, health, and incidental fees) but must pay any applicable course and resource fee(s) at 100%.   Access is limited to instructional and library privileges only.
  • Family members must pay all mandatory enrollment fees (including building, health and incidental fees) and any applicable course or resource fees.
  • At OSU, Staff Fee Rates are non-refundable if classes are dropped.

Tuition Schedule

The universities reserve the right to deny staff fee rates for late submission of approval forms. Denials may be appealed to the university where classes are taken.

Billing Policies and Questions

For billing questions related to the staff fee privilege program, contact the appropriate billing agency at the University of attendance.

  • Billing questions for classes taken at Oregon State University, can be directed to Business Affairs - Student Accounts at 541-737-3645 or at

Each campus dictates policy related to dropping classes and possible refunds.  Contact the University of attendance for clarification of their policy.

  • At OSU, Staff Fee rates are non-refundable if classes are dropped.


Deadlines for Submitting

A Staff Fee Privilege form is required to be submitted each term.

Refer to Staff Fee Privilege Deadline. Different deadlines apply depending on whether you or your dependent are enrolling and whether you are enrolling at OSU or another Oregon Public University.

For classes taken at OSU, the submission deadline is four (4) weeks after the first day of the term, as listed for other Oregon Public Universities. All forms must be submitted to your Business Center (see Business Center contact list to the right).

Staff Fee Form. (.pdf file)

The universities reserve the right to deny staff fee rates for late submission of approval forms. Denials may be appealed to the university where classes are taken.


Graduate Degree Approval

Employees holding faculty rank (instructor, senior instructor, research assistant, research associate, lecturer, assistant professor, professor) and seeking admission into a Masters or Doctoral program at a campus where employed are required to obtain approval from the Graduate School Dean before submitting the signed approval form to the Human Resources office. Exceptions to may be granted by the Dean of the Graduate School. For further details, review the Faculty as Graduate Student Policy or contact:

Graduate School
300 Kerr Administration Building
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331
Phone: 541-737-1461 Fax: 541-737-3313

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