Sara just learned that her mother had a stroke. She needs to travel to the Midwest to take care of her mother and make long-term care arrangements if necessary.

Sara is eligible for up to 12 weeks of family and medical leave to care for her mother. (See questions 5 and 6.) Using the appropriate form, she needs to request the leave from her supervisor and to contact OHR immediately. If she needs to leave before she can do this, she should contact her supervisor as soon as possible and her supervisor will contact OHR. (See question 21.) She will need to provide medical certification for her mother's health condition within 15 days. (See question 24.) Because Sara is a faculty member, she may elect to use sick leave, vacation, or unpaid leave during this time, but it all counts toward her 12 weeks of family and medical leave. (See questions 17 and 18.)

If Sara has to take time to move her mother to a care facility, which will also be covered by the FMLA and OFLA. Should her mother pass away during the 12 weeks, Sara will no longer be eligible for family and medical leave, but may use sick leave to attend to her mother's funeral and be with family members during this difficult time.