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How can I check the status of my application?

Using the online employment site, you can login using your user name and password.  Looking at the left side menu bar, click on “Application Status”.  You will see one of two status notes next to each position for which you applied:In Process – position is still open and based on your skills/qualifications, you may or may not be contacted for an interview.Position Filled – you are not being hired for the position.

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Creating an Employment Profile

Strategic Staffing/Workforce Planning Staff List

Strategic Staffing/Workforce Planning - 122 Kerr | general email
Robbin Sim Robbin Sim Employment Program Manager 541-737-3203
Applicant Helpdesk

For technical assistance email employment@oregonstate.edu

For questions about a specific posting, refer to the “Special Instructions to Applicants” section of the posting for contact information.