If you qualify for FMLA, the university's contribution for your medical and dental benefits continues during your leave even if you are on leave without pay. We will let you know in writing when your regular benefits end and when you become eligible for benefits under FMLA. When you are on unpaid leave, you will be required to pay the portion of the medical and dental premium that is normally deducted from your paycheck. You are also eligible to pay for any additional plans you wish to continue during your unpaid leave.

If you return during the 12 weeks allowed under family and medical leave, or the day immediately after the 12 weeks ends, your coverage will be reinstated effective the first of the next month. If you do not return immediately after the 12-week period ends, you must meet the 80 hour rule for classified employees, or the .50 FTE rule for unclassified employees before coverage becomes effective. This means you must work at least 80 hours or .50 FTE in the month you return to be eligible for coverage the following month.