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06. Does relinquishment of 0.25 FTE indefinite tenure impact my benefits eligibility and leave accruals?

You will continue to be eligible for the University’s contribution toward your health insurance and retirement based on your employment FTE and in accordance with state and university rules and policies.

At this time the University will cover your health insurance premium for any month in which your FTE is at least 0.50.  The University will not cover any portion of your premium for any month in which your FTE is less than 0.50.

Retirement contributions are based on your earnings each month.

Partial tenure relinquishment will result in a reduction of vacation leaveaccrual for a faculty member on a 12-month appointment, as accrual will be pro-rated based on employment FTE.

A faculty member on a 9-month appointment does not receive vacation accrual.

A faculty member appointed to either a 12-month or 9-month appointment at 0.50 FTE or greater accrues sick leave at the rate of 8 hours per month, pro-rated based on employment FTE.  Therefore, a reduction in your employment FTE through partial tenure relinquishment will result in a proration of your sick leave accrual each month.

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