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Can I save my Employment Profile before I finish completing it?

If you must exit the system before you are finished completing your employment profile, click on the “SAVE AND STAY ON THIS PAGE” button to save your Employment Profile and then click “EXIT THIS ACTION” and confirm.  When you logon to the system the next time, select “Manage Profiles” from the left menu to complete the remaining fields before submitting your profile to a posting.If you close the screen, close your Internet browser, or lose your Internet connection before clicking ”SAVE AND STAY ON THIS PAGE”, your profile will not be saved and you will need to start over.Your online session will time out after 60 minutes of inactivity.  To be active, you must be communicating with the web server (clicking button, tabs, etc.).  Typing on a page is not a communication activity with the web server.  If your session times out, your information will be lost if you have not previously saved it.

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