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How long does is take to complete the online application process?

The time it takes depends on several factors including the amount of work experience and education you have to enter, how fast you can type, etc.  You should allow 20-30 minutes for the total process.  However, you can speed up the process by collecting important information about previous work experience, education, certifications, etc. before you start creating your application.  The information on your application form will be used to evaluate your qualifications for the job opening for which you applied.  Review your application thoroughly before submitting it in order to ensure the information is accurate and that it contains all the information requested.

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Creating an Employment Profile

Strategic Staffing/Workforce Planning Staff List

Strategic Staffing/Workforce Planning - 122 Kerr | general email
Robbin Sim Robbin Sim Employment Program Manager 541-737-3203
Applicant Helpdesk

For technical assistance email employment@oregonstate.edu

For questions about a specific posting, refer to the “Special Instructions to Applicants” section of the posting for contact information.