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Selected position summaries, decision-making statements, and descriptions of duties are available for the position titles linked below. Click on the desired link to open a sample position description.

Academic Teaching/Research Faculty Position Titles:
Assistant Professor
Associate Professor
Faculty Research Assistant
Research Associate
Senior Faculty Research Assistant
Senior Instructor

Administrative/Professional Faculty Position Titles:
Advisor (Academic Advisor)
Assistant Dean
Associate Dean
Department Head
Department Chair
Director (Director Position Title)
Professional Faculty

Classified Staff Position Titles: see the OUS Classification Specifications for guidance 

Below are the maximum number of characters, including spaces, that may be entered into the Online PD and Recruiting System for the following fields:

  • Position Summary – 3700 characters
  • Position Duties – 3700 characters (in each text box)
  • Decision Making/Guidelines – 1200 characters
  • Minimum/Required Qualifications – 3700 characters
  • Preferred Qualifications – 3700 characters