This page displays basic information about the position title.

Appointment Type: position titles in seven appointment types are covered by the online position description and recruiting actions:

  • Academic Teaching/Research Faculty
  • Academic Wage/Short Term
  • Administrative/Professional Faculty
  • Classified Staff
  • Clinical Fellow (typically in Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine)
  • Research Associate (Post Doc)
  • Temporary Staff

Positions NOT covered by online position description and recruiting actions: student employees, graduate assistants, summer session faculty, and courtesy or emeritus faculty status.

Position Title Code: a code denoting the position title in online PD and recruiting actions.  In these actions, users may search by position title or code.  For classified staff position, the position title code in the online position description and recruiting system is the same as the Banner position class code, and the SEIU “class code.”  For all other appointment types, this code is not entered in Banner.

Position Title: click on this link for additional information.

Position Code Description: a brief summary of the position.

Minimum Qualifications: information displayed here was developed by the Office of Human Resources based on academic appointment guidelines or position classification specifications.  On an unclassified position, if a department/unit uses different minimum qualifications, these are explained or entered as Additional Required Qualifications on the position detail page.

Min-Max Salary: on classified staff positions, this is the salary range assigned in the SEIU collective bargaining agreement. Example: an Office Specialist 2 position is salary range 15.  (In Banner, salary range is displayed as “salary grade.”)  For all other appointment types, this field is not applicable.