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For all positions, enter the department’s intention for the percentage of full-time effort expected in this position during a normal month. A full-time appointment percent is expressed as 100 (not 1.0); half-time as 50 (not .50).

POSITION appointment percent is not Banner JOB appointment percent. Position appointment percent represents the “intent to fill” and is rarely changed unless the department’s plans for the position change. For temporary staff positions, the position appointment percent in Banner will be 100%, regardless of what’s entered in this field in the online recruiting system.

For classified staff positions, if the incumbent’s job appointment percent differs from the position appointment percent for three months or more, the position appointment percent is changed by the business center to reflect the department’s current intent.

When an employee fills a position, the resulting Banner job record reflects the actual job appointment percent. For salaried positions, the job appointment percent plays a key role in the calculation of monthly pay.

Position appointment percent is not tenure FTE.