All Minimum/Required Qualifications must have a clear connection to the position duties.

You may copy text from other documents and paste it in this space, if desired.

The maximum characters possible in this space are 3490 characters.

Classified staffpositions: explain any additional minimum/required qualifications here. When creating the posting, your business center will copy the Minimum Qualifications to this field.*

Unclassified positions: expand upon or define the minimum qualifications and explain any different or additional required qualifications in this field.

The degree discipline(s) should be included here i.e. a Masters degree in Microbiology, Chemistry or related field rather than just a Masters degree required.

Academic wage or temporary staffpositions: define the minimum/ required qualifications for the position in this field. Tese qualifications should support the duties of the position - not written to match the appointees credentials.

*Note: Applications will be screened based on the Minimum/Required Qualifications and the Preferred Qualifications as the Minimum Qualifications field is not visible to applicants or the search committee / guest users.