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This field is typically used for the Administrative/Professional Faculty appointment type. The job title approved in this action will display:

  • On the employee’s position description
  • In the Banner database as the employee’s job title
  • The Banner job title will reflect in the OSU Find Someone directory

If you list a job title in this field for any other appointment type, the job title will not be entered into Banner as the official title for the position.  It will however, assist applicants searching for positions by job title when the position is posted.

The maximum characters possible in this space are 30 characters

Position title is: Job title should start with:
Advisor Advisor-add descriptor here
Assistant Coach Asst Coach-
Assistant Dean Asst Dean-
Assistant Department Chair Asst Dept Chair-
Assistant Department Head Asst Dept Head-
Assistant Director Assist Dir-
Assistant Provost Asst Provost-
Assistant Registrar Asst Registrar-
Assistant Trainer Asst Trainer-
Assistant Vice President Asst Vice President-
Assistant Vice Provost Asst Vice Provost-
Associate Coach Assoc Coach-
Associate Dean Assoc Dean-
Associate Department Chair Assoc Dept Chair-
Associate Department Head Assoc Dept Head-
Associate Director Assoc Dir-
Associate Provost Assoc Provost-
Associate Registrar Assoc Registrar-
Associate Vice President Assoc Vice President-
Associate Vice Provost Assoc Vice Provost-
Coach Coach-
Dean Dean-
Department Chair Dept Chair-
Department Head Dept Head-
Director Director-
General Counsel  
Head Coach Head Coach-
Head Trainer Head Trainer-
Librarian Librarian-
Professional Faculty (see below)
Staff Chair Staff Chair &
Superintendent Supt-
Trainer Trainer-
Vice President Vice President-
Vice Provost Vice Provost-

Professional Faculty job titles often begin with:

Assoc Dir-
Assoc Mgr-
Asst to the….
Exec Asst to the…
Office Mgr-

7/26/07 Revised