This field is typically used for the Administrative/Professional Faculty appointment type.  There is a maximum of 30 characters possible in this field.

The job title approved in this action will display:

  • On the employee’s position description
  • In the Banner database as the employee’s job title
  • The Banner job title will reflect in the OSU Find Someone directory

If you list a job title in this field for any other appointment type, the job title will not be entered into Banner as the official title for the position. It will, however, assist applicants searching for positions by job title when the position is posted.

Job titles, or working titles, should reasonably reflect the nature of the work performed, be distinct enough to differentiate the job, and be consistent with other titles where similar work is done in the job family or across the unit.

A job title needs to represent the work as a whole. Job titles that do not accurately describe the core of the position may cause misrepresentation if expectations based on the title do not accurately reflect the real authority or autonomy of the position.

If a job title does not comport with the alignment of the position, the Office of Human Resources-Classification and Compensation will partner with the Business Center Human Resources and the unit to find an appropriate job or working title for the position.

04/24/2015 Revised