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List any questions you would like to ask every applicant who applies to this posting.

This information will be used by the business center to create the job posting, so be sure to include your qualifying questions, as appropriate. For example, one common posting specific question might be “Do you have a Masters Degree in (***discipline)?”

When filling classified staff positions, this is the appropriate place to ask what formerly were known as “essay questions.” You have an opportunity to obtain specific information related to the skills, knowledge, and abilities of your applicants when utilizing this data field correctly.

If you chose to create disqualifying questions, you must make your instructions clear to your business center contact, so your posting can be created correctly.

Posting specific questions must be relevant to the job duties for the position. Avoid asking questions that will elicit information that can later be used in a discriminatory manner when making a hiring decision.

You may copy text from other documents and paste it in this space, if desired.

The maximum characters possible in this space are 3900 characters.