Keep a list of the changes you make so you can note them on the comments page.  The comments page is a critical component in tracking changes requested to online position descriptions.  Make sure your explanations, instructions or descriptions of the changes you made are detailed and clearly defined. 

The Update Position and Fill Action is not available for academic wage appointments (use the Establish a New Position and fill action instead.)

Reasons for Update Actions:

Yes/No and No Response questions: “No response” is not an option.  Select yes or no.

Duties Change: a change to the duties of the position.

Administrative/Professional Faculty Job Title: the maximum characters possible in this space are 30 characters.  Please see Job Title Abbreviations for guidance.  The job title approved in this action will display;

  • On the employee’s position description
  • In the Banner data base as the employee’s job title
  • The Banner job title will reflect in the OSU Find Someone directory

Appointment Basis or Percent: click on either of these links for additional information. 

Classified Pay Method, Employment Category, or Work Schedule: click on any of these links for additional information.

Classified IT Competency Level: click on this link for additional information.  The change request must be based on a significant change of position duties, authority, and responsibilities, but with continuation of the same general knowledge and skills.

Other Reason for Update: explain in the box provided.  If you are completing the Update Position and Fill action for an existing position and no changes are needed, simply state that this action is for recruitment purposes only.