"If a man does not keep pace with his companions perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears however measured or far away."

--Henry David Thoreau


Number of Participants? Up to 40.

Who Are They? OSU employees including classified staff, academic faculty and professional faculty. Participants will represent a balance in gender, ethnicity, employment type, level and scope of position or authority from throughout the University.

What Are the Desired Qualities of Participants?

This program is seeking self-starters who have:

  1. The ability to work within a non-traditional and organic learning structure,
  2. A genuine interest in exploring leadership, and
  3. A willingness to examine oneself and grow through new insights.
  4. The ability to do a self-directed project of your choice that will contribute to your work or way of being, and enhance your effectiveness.


There is an expectation that participants attend each session and also participate in the readings, journaling and other learning methods outside of the sessions to be fully engaged in the program.

Openness to Being Coached: Should participants choose this option, individuals will be aligned with a performance coach to increase intentionality in their exploration.

Commitment: While much of your self-directed work will be by choice, there are a handful of required actions. The insights gained by participants in this leadership program is a direct result of the commitment and effort that is put into it, and the connections of ideas and people participants are able to make. Read what past participants had to say.

What is the Application Process? A relatively simple application is required that includes a section for your supervisor's approval. This ensures the stated time commitments are understood and release time is provided. Demographic information will be requested to get a represented mix for our target audience. This information will be used confidentially.