OSU's Land Grant Status:
Vision, Mission & Values

5 themesThe focused and compelling approach that led to the 3 signature areas of distinction of OSU embodied these five thematic areas to help attract and retain talented students, faculty, staff, and other contributors to our mission. These areas will help educate a new generation of students who can communicate clearly and effectively, think broadly, address and solve complex problems, and adapt to environments enriched by diversity and characterized by constant change.

Specific strategies will bring together faculty, staff, and students from all appropriate units to increase our impact in Oregon’s communities and beyond, encouraging the strong and stable partnerships that can transform the institution. Initiatives that cut across thematic areas and programs, including the University Honors College, International Programs, Extension, the Graduate School, and Extended Campus, will further strengthen the University’s impact and contribution to its various constituencies. This plan will help develop our federal research agenda as well as the alignment and synergy of efforts with the Oregon State University Alumni Association and the Oregon State University Foundation. Finally, focusing on these themes will help attract and invest the public and private resources necessary to build academic programs and infrastructure that address the emerging economic and social needs of the people of Oregon.

Source: OSU Strategic Plan Website