Leadership Collaborative I: Emergence is a skill-development course designed to teach foundational Leadership principles and practices.  In this course, participants develop skills to transform the OSU Vision, Mission & Values into reality, and to unleash the potential of all employees.

Skill Development  Participants who are actively engaged in the LC will develop the skills to generate Vision-Directed, Values-Based outcomes, identify and act on Leadership Opportunities, unleash people’s potential for greatness, and align the work unit with Vision, Mission & Values. 

Outcome Generation  Participants whose supervisors are actively engaged in a collaborative learning effort will generate outcomes for their work units.


Melody Oldfield
Assist Vice President
University Relations & Marketing

"The department and division need Gary to be a strong leader in the area of brand management related to how we write and message the university.  Gary has the expertise to be this person but in the past did not see himself as a leader, teacher, or mentor.  Now he does."

"He has better tools for supervising direct reports but also to take a stronger role within our division.  It is wonderful to see him gain a better understanding that leading is understanding how to bring people along in their own careers, how to get the best out of a person and how to find direction for your department."