Training Video: video was produced by the Clery Center for Security On Campus and provides information for Campus Security Authorities about their roles and responsibilities.

Crime Reporting: Submit a Crime Report Form if a crime was reported to you. If more than one crime was reported to you, submit one of these forms for each crime reported. All reports are sent to the Clery Compliance Team for review. The Clery Compliance Team may contact reporting parties for additional information about the reported Clery crime. Please see Definitions of Reportable Crimes for a list of crimes that must be reported.

If no crimes were reported to you in the previous calendar year, please submit this form. For questions, please contact or 541-737-2645.

For emergencies, please call 9-1-1 or contact the Department of Public Safety Dispatch at 541-737-7000. Submitting a report here DOES NOT initiate a law enforcement report. Remember, all Clery crimes representing a serious or continuing threat to the campus community should be reported to the Department of Public Safety (541-737-7000) so it can be evaluated for a potential Timely Warning.