"The only way to discover the limits of the impossible is to go beyond them into the possible."

--Arthur C. Clarke


  • Obtain written approval for release time from your supervisor. We will formally meet in half-day sessions, with the exception of the first session which is longer, approximately every 2-3 weeks. You are expected to be at each of these sessions. The session dates have been identified to provide you with enough lead time to make arrangements to be away from work.

  • Commit on average 2 hours/week through the duration of the leadership series beyond the structured time. This may or may not be on work time. This time will be spent completing assignments related to the exploration and development of leadership outside the formal meetings. These activities are likely to include:

- reading
- journaling
- listserv discussion
- small group conversation
- observation
- being coached
- taking on a self-directed project that can enhance current work projects

  • Participate in both traditional and non-traditional learning formats to explore both leadership and self through leadership principles. The series is designed to be both a personal and collective experience. Working with a performance coach to elevate your experience is one non-traditional format that will be used.
  • Fully commit to the activities and come prepared to ALL sessions. You will be expected to be an active learner and committed to do the work with minimal direction. A framework will be provided and you'll need to choose your paths.
  • Participate in any assessments related to this program. The successful design and development of this program continues as a result of the constructive feedback of participants. Your feedback will be solicited through written survey, interview and/or electronic survey

Past Participant Insights