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Rules of the Road

Here are questions you might ask of your supervisor or coworker to help you understand the specific culture of their unit. We call them the Rules of the Road

  • Office etiquette?

  • Who, how and when people socialize?

  • How performance is recognized or contribution is credited?

  • What are the hours of work and breaks?

  • Who gets consulted on projects?

  • Who gets copies of communications?

  • How do questions get asked or disagreements expressed?

  • What is the dress code?

  • How do people compete or cooperate?

  • Is there a sense of urgency or casualness?

  • What are the language standards?

  • What format should be used for memos and reports, logos, etc.

  • What tips do you have for building relationships between colleagues, supervisor and staff?

  • Office decor?