There is an extensive support network at OSU. Discovering resources that can help you begins with asking for what you need.Ask for what you need

  1. Visit your business center: Your business center will set up your employee record and can assist with general information. Your business center may also have a tailored orientation program and checklists to help you get started. Ask your business center representative about:
    1. building keys
    2. campus parking permit
    3. myOSU access (Connects you to online systems you'll need to get your work done, manage your personal and payroll information, update passwords, and other important items.)
    4. ONID account info and set up (What is it and why do you need it?)
    5. payroll signup
    6. rights & responsibilities
    7. purchasing and funding processes
    8. technology support
    9. telephone voice mail (set up and instructions for use)
    10. university ID card
  2. Sign up for benefits with 30 days of your employment through the benefits overview section of this website. For questions related to your benefit options and coverages, and for specific assistance in completing forms or other set-up visit the Office of Human Resources.
  3. Attend the OSU New Employee Orientation Program. (view the schedule)
  4. If you are professional and academic faculty, visit the Academic Affairs website for resources and guidance on various topics.

Optional Items That are Good to Know