Administrative Stipend Policy


Awards and Recognition of Employees

Banner, Data Warehouse, and Nolij Access

Request access for a new user account/new deparment or update status for change of access or termination of access.  

Banner/Data Warehouse Training

Training prerequisite workshops that employees must attend to access these database systems.

Bargaining Contracts

Bargaining contracts for staff and graduate assistants, summary of changes SEIU collective bargaining agreement and SEIU economic highlights.

2013-2015 SEIU Contract Changes

Collective Bargaining Agreement Changes

Campus Directory Profile Information


OUS classification specification, including class title, class number and salary range.

Clery Compliance

Closures or Curtailment of Operations

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Conflict of Commitment Policy

Courtesy Faculty and Affiliate Faculty Policies

Delegated Signature Authority (.pdf file)

Developmental Opportunity Explanation and Agreement

General Information,appointment status, procedures, and agreements

Electronic Personnel Action Guide (EPAF) (.pdf file)

Emeritus Appointment Policy/Procedures and Use of Emeritus Title (.doc file)

Employee Class (E-Class) Codes

Employee Compensation

Classified compensation plan, information technology rates, conversion table, temporary staff plan and student compensation plan.

Extra Meritorious Increase Criteria (.pdf file)

Family and Medical Leave Act Information

Graduate Employee Resources

Job Category and Compensation Program

We are reviewing and updating OSU’s Professional Faculty compensation program. We will assess our existing compensation philosophy/practices, leverage current industry best practices and market data, and clarify our procedures.

Performance Evaluation

Political Campaigning by Public Employees

Position Descriptions

Salary Increase Guidelines

Professional Faculty Position Profiles

Position Profies are divided into 17 Job Families

Recruitment and Selection Resources

Release of Employee Records Guidelines (.pdf file)

Telecommuting Policy and Agreement Form (.pdf file)

Time Reporting

Worker's Compensation