Oregon State University has implemented The Work Number™ to provide automated, immediate employment and income verifications for faculty, staff, and temps. This fast, secure service is widely known to lenders, banks and others, is easy to use and is considered a best practice by many  companies.

The Work Number ™can be used anytime, anywhere and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Requested information is printed directly from their website at theworknumber.com or voiced and/or faxed to verifiers who access the system through an 800 number.

Please Note: Oregon State University does not use social security numbers to identify employees on The Work Number.  Oregon State University employees can be found using the "other id" function and entering the OSU ID number with a leading zero.  Ex: 093xxxxxxx (10 digits)

For an Employment Verification on a Student or Graduate Student Employee, verifiers should fax an employment verification request along with an employee signed release to 541-737-7771.

Resources for Employees:

Resources for Business Centers:

Access The Work Number via:

Client Service Center:

  • 1-800-996-7566  (Voice) or
  • 1-800-424-0253  (TTY – Deaf)

Monday-Friday, 7AM - 8PM (CST)