To ensure eligible and qualified students are selected for student employment opportunities.


All OSU departments.


  1. The Hiring Department receives and monitors applications for completeness.  If applications are incomplete, the applicants should be notified and provided an opportunity to submit a full application before the closing date. 

  2. Establish screening criteria to use when assessing the strengths of each student.

  3. Screen the applications and select only the ones that meet the minimum qualifications as described in the job description.  You may want to separate applicants into categories, such as:

    Not qualified
    Minimally qualified applicants.
    Qualified applicants.

  4. Highly qualified applicants.

  5. Advertise the position on the Beaver Recruiting student employment web site through Career Services (minimum of 3 business days) and / or through other public media channels if desired.

  6. Select the best applicants for interviews.

  7. Determine if the applicants selected for interviews are eligible for the type of student employment (work study v. regular) being offered. 

  8. Proceed to the interviewing step in STU EMP 504-03: Interviewing.