General & Unit Specific Training

Four to six workshops are presented quarterly. Workshops are tailored to the OSU work environment and address many areas of work life management. (See our full workshop menu for a catalog of offerings.) Workshops can also be individually tailored to meet the specific needs of work groups, units and departments. 

Facilitation & Meeting Design

We are prepared to work with you from the ground up--planning, designing and facilitating your meeting so that people are encouraged to work together effectively, and outcomes are achieved quickly.

Leadership Development

  • We have designed a "Journey Into Leadership" series (offered annually) that provides a framework and support structure for exploring various aspects of leadership. Through this framework, participants will increase their awareness and ability to "see" leadership for themselves.
  • We are also developing a Transformative Leadership Collaborative offered in four 1/2-day sessions. The Collaborative is based on three presumptions:
  • Leaders emerge in response to leadership opportunities.
  • Anyone, in any position, can play a leadership role.
  • People across the university must embrace leadership roles for OSU's vision to be realized.

One-to-One Consultation

Work one-to-one with an expert in human resource management and organizational development in such areas as:

  • Finding practical solutions to common problems in the workplace.
  • Clarifying issues between employees, groups or units to promote positive outcomes.
  • Planning strategies and designing processes that allow you and/or your your gruop to get to the next level.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is based on the premise that performance in any field can be enhanced by creating a partnership and setting aside time to explore in conversation how performance might be taken to a new level.

You will work one-to-one with a trained performance coach to increase your intentionality and focus to accomplish that which before seemed out of reach. Together with your coach, you can can express and explore ideas, experiment, work through action plans, and achieve higher level outcomes than when on your own.

    Visit the Performance Coaching website for details.

      Supervisor/Manager Training

      • The Core Curriculum is a combination online/classroom program designed to help managers learn and practice supervisory and management skills that are tailored to OSU. From the program's inception, we have trained hundreds of managers and supervisors from OSU and across the state. Visit the Core Curriculum website for details.
      • The Manager's Legal Toolkit is held annually designed to inform OSU supervisors and managers of legal issues and responsibilities when supervising professional faculty. At the end of the program, supervisors and managers will be better prepared to handle the challenges of the modern workforce.