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Training & Professional Development Services


Provides a confidential setting where you can work with an expert in organizational development and personnel management for the purpose of:

  • Providing resources and ideas that help you work effectively through issues.
  • Identifying the needs of your employees, group or department to promote positive outcomes.
  • Developing strategies and processes that allow you and/or your group to move forward.

Facilitation and Meeting Design

We provide facilitation that helps working groups address difficult issues collaboratively and creatively and reach rapid consensus. Training and Professional Development will work with you from the ground up--that is, from providing input to the design of your meeting to producing a final report summarizing the major points of discussions--to help move your group forward.

Unit/Department Consultation or Intervention

We will work with departments and employees in a pro-active approach to resolve conflict and create a workplace that promotes healthy working relationships between groups and employees. This may involve intensive work behind the scenes, but the work will result in positive experiences that elevate your unit to higher levels of accomplishment. Training & Professional Development accepts intervention projects on a case-by-case basis.

Management/Supervisory Training

The Oregon State University Core Curriculum is a 4-day training program designed to strengthen knowledge and skill competencies essential to providing effective management and a common vision for state and university service. Guest speakers deliver modules that draw on the expertise of Human Resources, and Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action. Visit here for additional information about the Core Training. Additionally many of the general workshops target supervisors and managers.

One-to-One Performance Coaching

On request, Training and Professional Development is prepared to provide you with a performance coach from a select group of trained coaches on campus. Coaching is a way of working with you that is developmental in nature. Often, people seeking coaches are those who are already good and want to get an edge. Through our experience we know that coaching makes a difference as evident in the testimonies below:

  • "Coaching helped me get through a difficult relationship with my supervisor and become productive again."
  • "I recognized a destructive, negative pattern in my life. I drew on the support my coach provided and turned this situation around. Since then, new opportunities have arisen for me where previously my own negative pattern had stopped me."
  • "Being coached allowed me to make a two-year transition and leave my program with the confidence it would continue in capable hands."

For additional information, visit the Performance Coaching web site.

Unit & Department-Specific Training

Unit-specific training can be tailored to teams, groups, units and departments. Training designed to incorporate department values, systems, and considers the individuals who make up unique work environment provides benefits beyond what is offered in a general classroom setting. Contact us for more information about unit-specific training.

General Training

A series of workshops will be offered quarterly. These will primarily be advertised through the "OSU Today" electronic newsletter. To be among the first to receive notice of the quarterly offerings, please join our listserv. These courses are offered at no charge, but require you to register for them. Please visit the link, Courses We Offer, for the types of classes that are offered. If there is a program you would like to see offered, please contact us with your request.