• Phone 1-855-327-4722
  • Online: First-time users, follow these simple instructions and start exploring the resources offered to you through Beyond Benefits.
    • Go to guidanceresources.com to reach the website.
    • Once on the home page, click the Register tab.
    • Enter OSU’s Organization Web ID: OSUbeyond, click the Register button.
    • You will then be asked to enter a User Name and Password. Both can be anything you would like them to be but should be something you will remember. The User Name (often your name) must be at least six characters long and should have no spaces (for example: joesmith). The Security Questions are meant to prompt you if you forget your password. You must select the button verifying that you are at least 13 years of age, as required by federal law. Be sure to read the Terms of Use and click inside the check box to indicate your agreement to those terms. Make sure that you complete all fields that have red asterisks, as these are required fields. When you’ve finished, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.
    • You should now be on the website.
    • View the below video for a step-by-step guide to login:
  • For Future Logins: You will only need to remember your User Name and Password. When you get to step 2 above, instead of clicking on the Register tab, use the Login section and enter your User Name and Password and click the Login button.


Beyond Benefits* EAP is a life event resource.  It is confidential and at no-cost for employees and their household members to use!  Whatever you need support with, you can contact Beyond Benefits and ask for assistance.  Beyond Benefits goes beyond your typical EAP by offering legal, financial, work-life, and mental health and wellness services and resources.  It is not limited to crisis or counseling support.  Your Beyond Benefits program provides consultations and resources whenever and wherever you need them.  Discover what Beyond Benefits has to offer you!

  • 24-hour access to localized resources for 65 countries
  • Desktop, tablet and mobile platforms
  • Connect through phone, e-mail, chat or text
  • Provider profile match by “fit”, specialty and availability
  • Multiple delivery options including Face-to-face facilitation, Live webinar presentations and On demand interactive training
  • Support for management referrals and manager consults
  • Work-Life and personal development training sessions


EAP Transition Information

Q: What if I am receiving services currently from Cascade Centers EAP?

  • Work/Family/Life (WFL) services (childcare, eldercare, Legal, financial, resource retrieval)
  • All employees accessing these services up until June 30th will be able to complete these services. If an employee calls and initiates a Work/Family/Life request before June 30th they will receive all services under this benefit.
  • All employees currently receiving counseling through Cascade Centers EAP will be receiving an outreach call from Beyond Benefits to discuss your specific case and determine next steps. Employees can also call the Beyond Benefits phone number to initiate next steps.