• Kindness is an admirable aspiration for anyone, and it also can be an effective way to achieve success. By being concerned about others we can build relationships and gain support. By serving others we can be happier about ourselves. Kindness can be more than the right thing to do, it can be a path to success and happiness.
  • When: March 9, 2023, 9 AM
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  • Celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day with us! Join Reshma Saujani as she leads a conversation with Blessing Adesiyan, Sung Yeon Choimorrow, and Vivian Nava-Schellinger on what equity truly means for women — and particularly for women of color. Embracing Equity at Work and at Home will be a candid discussion about how equity has advanced (or not) for women, the residual impact of the pandemic on the struggle for equity, and the challenges and opportunities women face overall and within individual communities. Most importantly, we’ll discuss how we can learn from and support each other at work, at home and within our communities so women everywhere can rise.
  • When: March 15, 2023, 9AM
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  • A crisis or traumatic event can be both environmental and personal and are events which can cause physical, emotional, psychological distress or harm. These events are often perceived and experienced as a threat to one’s safety or to the stability of one’s world and the impact can be either on those who have experienced the event first hand or have seen it one television.
  • When: March 21, 2023, 12 PM
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  • Recognizing dysfunctional relationships – How do we know we are in a dysfunctional relationship? What makes people vulnerable to dysfunctional relationships and how to restore personal and/or professional boundaries.
  • When: April 11, 2023, 11AM
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  • Longer hours, increased responsibilities, constant change, accelerated pace of business, intensified pressure…But this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and enjoy your work. This workshop will help you not only to survive but also thrive in today’s high-pressure world.
  • When: April 26, 2023, 12PM
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