Part-time Faculty Benefits

In June of 2021 the State of Oregon passed SB 551. This bill established a mechanism for part-time faculty who are working at a level equal to at least half of a full-time equivalent employee determined as an average across multiple Oregon institutions to obtain health care. This bill requires that the premium costs be funded at 90% by the home institution; with the employee having a 10% premium cost share. This is for employee-only coverage and is limited to medical and prescription coverage. This benefit enrollment period will begin in October 2021 with plan coverage starting on November 1, 2021, if all conditions are met. The bill allows the employee to pursue enrollment if they believe they may qualify and provide their home institution evidence of eligibility within a specific time frame. Employees who believe they are eligible for coverage under SB 551 may select any of the Oregon Public Universities and Community Colleges that they are currently working at as their home institution and enroll in medical and prescription coverage offered at that institution.

A copy of the SB 551 is available online here.


  • Currently employed at one or more Oregon institution(s) of higher education (university and/or community college).
    • Must be actively working and receiving a paycheck for the home institution for the current term.
  • Must have worked half of the full time equivalency in at least 3 of the previous 4 terms as an average across all qualifying institutions. 
    • Universities use full time equivalency hours of 173.33. Part time equivalency will be 86.67 hours.
  • The Employee is not currently covered on, or eligible for a PEBB or OEBB medical plan as an employee or dependent.
  • Subsequent terms and continued eligibility will be subject to current SB551 rules, and any applicable legislative changes.


  • The initial enrollment month related to implementation of SB 551 at the Universities began October 1, 2021, with coverage effective November 1, 2021.  Employees will have 30 days to complete enrollment. 
  • All enrollment time periods following this will correspond with the start date of each academic term when an employee is considered newly eligible.  Employees will have 30 days to complete enrollment. 
  • If employees are hired mid-term an exception may be made to enroll outside of this time period within 30 days. 
  • It is the responsibility of the employee to research and compare plan options at the different institutions they could designate as their home institutions.


  • Faculty member monthly premium share 10%, collected via payroll deduction from monthly paycheck
  • Home Institution monthly premium share 90%

If you currently work at OSU and wish to enroll in benefits here related to SB 551 you must complete the following process:

  1. Complete the Part Time Faculty Attestation of Eligibility for Benefits Coverage.
  2. Gather the documents that demonstrate proof of eligibility from the institutions you have worked at the last three of the past four terms. Documentation must state FTE or hours worked per month for each term
  3. Submit the form and your proof of eligibility to
  4. The Benefits team will respond to let you know if you are eligible after reviewing the submitted documentation.
  5. If you are eligible, you will receive a link to the enrollment portal.  Eligible faculty are allowed to enroll in employee-only medical coverage only, which includes credible prescription coverage.
  6. Complete the enrollment process within 30 days of eligibility.  Your benefits will begin the first of the month following enrollment if you complete the process within the required timelines.
  7. A payroll deduction will be set up for this benefit.  Your 10% premium cost share will be deducted from your monthly pay. If your monthly paycheck is insufficient to cover the cost of premiums you will be required to submit the missing amount prior to the end of the current payroll month in which the amount was missing to avoid benefit termination. If you are concerned that your check will not be sufficient at OSU to cover the cost of premiums you may want to consider designating another institution in which you receive the most pay as your home institution so that premiums take correctly.

Additional Notes

  • OSU will complete an Annual Review for faculty who have submitted the attestation form. Eligibility will be assessed and if deemed eligible, the faculty member will be eligible for continued coverage if they remain actively employed and are receiving a paycheck at OSU.
  • Employment Termination: If your position ends at OSU your insurance will term also.  If you continue to work part-time at other institutions of higher education in Oregon (Public Community College or University) and are eligible for this coverage you can name a new home institution where you are actively receiving pay. You can work with that institution on coverage options.
  • Double coverage: Members are not eligible to enroll in SB 551 PEBB coverage if they are already enrolled in another PEBB or OEBB plan, either as a subscriber or as a dependent.
  • Opt out payments: Members eligible for SB 551 coverage are not eligible to receive any opt out stipends.

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