When Leaving OSU Employment

You have several options available to you upon leaving employment or retiring. Take time to review the coverage options to ensure the coverage you select is right for you and your family.

Public Employees’ Benefit Board (PEBB)

PEBB offers two options for continuing PEBB health insurance coverage on a self-pay basis. Continuation coverage is for all eligible family members. Both options are administered by BenefitHelp Solutions, PEBB’s third party administrator.

PERS Health Insurance Plans (Medicare & non-Medicare)

Oregon Health Care (National Healthcare)

Medicare Information/Process

Individual/Portability Plans

Individual insurance plans are available through most health insurance carriers. These policies are issued directly to an individual and premiums are age rated. Applicants will need to complete a health history statement and may be denied coverage due to pre-existing medical conditions.

Optional Insurance Plans

Possible Health Insurance Combinations for Retirees

PEBB Optional Insurances & Flexible Spending Accounts

Additional Resources