Optional benefits

You can continue optional employee life insurance coverage, but you must do so within 30 days from the date of your retirement. Contact The Standard Insurance Company for more information. You can also roll payment of the premium to a spouse or domestic partner who is an active state or university employee.

You can continue long term care insurance you purchased through PEBB by converting the policy to an individual plan within 60 days of your retirement. Contact Unum Provident for more information.

You cannot continue spouse or domestic partner term-life, dependent life, disability (short-term or long-term), or accidental death and dismemberment insurance.


Optional Employee Life Insurance:

Standard Insurance, (800) 842-1707

  • Terminating due to Retirement (not Total Disability)
    • Continue up to ½ of current employee only coverage (based on age)
    • Retiree rate schedule
    • PEBB Additional Information
    • Contact Employee Benefits (employee.benefits@oregonstate.edu) for application
    • Mail application to Standard Insurance within 60-days of your employment termination date.  Does not require evidence of insurability.
  • Convert to an Individual Whole Life Policy
    • Termination due to total disability
    • Termination due to retirement
      • Retiree can convert balance of current coverage
      • Retiree spouse/partner coverage
    • Conversion Packet Request form
    • Mail Conversion Packet request to Standard Insurance within 60-days of your employment termination date.  Does not require evidence of insurability; rates are set by Standard Insurance.
  • “Roll” optional life premiums to spouse/partner payroll deductions


Long-term Care Insurance:

UNUM, (800) 227-4165


Flexible Spending Accounts:

  • Participation terminates the last day of the month in which a contribution is deducted from your paycheck.
  • Employees who meet the hours requirement for benefits in the month of termination (80-hour for classified or 1/2 of the available hours for unclassified) will have a contribution taken from their final paycheck.
  • Reimbursement of eligible expenses may occur only for the period of coverage in which your participation was active, provided the claim is filed within the eligible plan year.
  • Questions, contact Employee Benefits at (541) 737-2805 or by email at employee.benefits@oregonstate.edu
  • Contact ASIFlex at (800) 659-3035 or (573) 442-3035 for additional information.
  • ASIFlex website