15. Can I take intermittent or reduced hour leave for a serious health condition?

Yes. If your health care provider states you need to work an intermittent or reduced -hour schedule for a serious health condition, you can reduce your hours or use leave intermittently. Your health care provider must indicate a schedule of time off for visits or treatments or the likely duration and frequency of episodes of incapacity.

If you take time intermittently or work a reduced work schedule, you must be able to perform the essential functions of your job while you are at work.   If you are unable to perform your job responsibilities while at work, you may be required to take continuous leave. 

The use of intermittent leave or working a reduced work schedule requires you and your supervisor to work together to balance work and family.  Conversations and exploring alternatives are the best way to resolve conflicts that might occur.  If a situation arises that is not easily resolved between you and your supervisor, contact the Office of Human Resources (OHR) before any action is taken.

If modifications to the job duties are requested, you or the supervisor must contact OHR before any action is taken.

Telecommuting:  Employees who are working from home and are not considered academic or research faulty must have an approved telecommuting agreement on file with the OHR.  Telecommuting is not intended for temporary work at home due to special conditions such as providing dependent care, recovering from an illness or caring for an ill family member. 

For questions concerning telecommuting agreements, contract the Employee Labor & Relations Manager at [email protected].