Yes. You may be required to submit the Medical Certification form for your own or your family member’s serious health condition.  The form is taken to your medical provider and provides the University with information to determine if your reason for the leave qualifies under FMLA and OFLA and that you are unable to work because of it.  At times, the University may have enough information to designate FMLA or OFLA leave without requesting medical certification.

The medical certification form must be returned within 15 days or your leave can be denied.  If your leave is denied it means that you do not have job protection under FMLA and OFLA.

If the length of your request for family medical leave is for:

  • 14 calendar days or less – the University generally will not require you to submit the medical certification form.  If your leave extends beyond the originally anticipated 14 calendar days, you will need to submit a medical certification form at that time.
  • More than 14 calendar days – the University requires the medical certification form to be submitted.

In general, OSU will not require a medical certification when an employee is requesting leave for their own pregnancy related serious health condition and leave begins no sooner than one week prior to your due date.  Medical certification may be requested if you experience complications during your pregnancy and/or leave is requested to begin more than one week prior to your due date.