During the Year:  You can make changes during the year if you experience a "Qualified Status Change" event. Midyear Change Forms must be completed and received within 30 days of the event date. Changes to coverage are usually effective the first of the month following the event date and the date the forms are submitted to Employee Benefits.

Qualified Status Change events include (but are not limited to): birth, adoption, gain/loss of spouse or domestic partner, death of a dependent, gain/loss of employment, gain/loss of other coverage, etc.  For more information on Midyear Changes contact Employee Benefits by email or by phone at 541.737.2805.

Open Enrollment:  You can make changes to your benefit plans during the open enrollment period without having a Qualified Status Change event. The open enrollment period is usually in the fall (month of October), with changes being effective January 1 of the following year (optional life and long-term care insurance is effective after approval from the insurance company).

Beneficiary Changes: Changes to beneficiaries can be made at any time during the year online (recommended method) or by paper form.

Additional information on Enrollment Periods and Effective Dates of coverage can be found in the Summary Plan Document.