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Benny Hire open forum 

Watch a recorded version of the open forum training session online.

Benny Hire GA training

  • Targeted testing includes hands-on training approach at an incremental level with role based followed by in-classroom training. (January 2019)
  • Role specific training sessions for HR/liaison roles, finance roles and hiring supervisor/designee roles were used to walk users through their user interfaces in February 2019.
  • Identification and development of human resources and liaison experts to facilitate peer training opportunities
  • Training resources within Benny Hire such as information sheets to explain the purpose and key aspects of each module, links to policies and pertinent information, and frequently asked questions
  • Continuous improvement process to include:
    • Post-implementation open lab help sessions
    • Help desk to facilitate issues and questions via phone and email
    • Regular email updates with new information, status updates and tips/resources

How we will ensure a smooth rollout

A phased growth and implementation approach will be used, starting with graduate assistants, hourly undergraduate and graduate assistant change process.

  • Prioritizing thorough testing of the new tool/process across multiple stakeholder groups to ensure that the underlying programming and system integration will perform consistently and smoothly
  • Targeted testing sessions that consistently build toward complete end-to-end testing
    • Testing sessions 1 and 2:  Request form
    • Testing session 3:  Request form + financial review
    • Testing session 4: Request form + financial review + eligibility check
    • Testing session 5:  Request form + financial review + eligibility check + record truthing + I9 verification (October 2018)
    • Testing session 6:  End-to-end testing (November 2018)
  • Beta test groups were utilized to drill into typical and atypical use cases to ensure functionality is thorough and robust. (December 2018 and January 2019)

Benny Hire GA communication

We will use a cascading communication approach to include a brief overview and demonstration of the system to the following groups:

  • University leadership communication
  • Human Resources
  • Department liaisons and graduate coordinators
  • Supervisors/managers