Benny Hire Hourly Training


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Recording of department liaison training

View a recorded training session below:

Recording of Manager/Supervisor Open Forum

Training information

  • Targeted testing includes hands-on training approach at an incremental level with role based followed by in-classroom training. (April-December 2019)
  • Role specific training sessions for Human Resource Student Employment, Liaison Roles, and hiring supervisor/designee roles were used to walk users through their user interfaces in January 2020.
  • Identification and development of human resource center and liaison experts to facilitate peer training opportunities.
  • Training resources available on the Benny Hire website such as information sheets to explain the various roles and interfaces, links to policies and pertinent information, and frequently asked questions.
  • Open forum for hiring supervisors/designees (January 2020)
  • Continuous improvement process to include:
    • Post implementation open lab help sessions
    • Help desk to facilitate issues and questions via phone and email
    • Email updates with new information, status updates and tips/resources

How we will ensure a smooth rollout

A phased growth and implementation approach has been used throughout the project, starting with graduate assistants, hourly undergraduate and student employee change process.

  • Prioritizing thorough testing of the new tool/process across multiple stakeholder groups to ensure that the underlying programming will perform consistently and smoothly.
  • Targeted testing sessions that consistently build toward complete end-to-end testing. (April-December 2019)
  • Beta test groups will be utilized to test Benny Hire with live data. (January 2020)

Benny Hire-Hourly Student Communication:

We will use a cascading communication approach to include a brief overview and demonstration of the system to the following groups:

  • University Leadership Communication
  • Human Resources
  • Department hourly student liaisons
  • Supervisors/Managers