Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: What web browsers can I use with Benny Hire?

A: Chrome is the recommended browser due to its accessibility and ease of use. Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge also work. Internet Explorer (IE) is not supported.

Q: Will I be notified when something appears in my queue?

A: Yes, your business center (BC) team will receive an email notification in your Benny Hire shared email box that was established by your BC.

Q: If I change an index, can I see what the index was before I changed it?

A: Benny Hire does not currently support this functionality, but watch for it in future releases.

Q: If I change an index on a C60 position, does that change flow through to the fee remission?

A: Yes, changes made to the index by the finance role will automatically update the fee remission tab.

Q: Will Benny Hire replace our use of Ideal Logic?

A: Yes, Benny Hire is the university solution for all graduate assistant (and soon, student job) hires.

Q: Can I sort the records in my queue?

A: Yes. The columns on the dashboard can be used to sort by a variety of parameters. More sorting functionality will come in future updates.

Q: Can I search for a particular record?

A: This is not currently a feature in Benny Hire but is something that is on the roadmap as a high priority to be added in the future.

Q: Can I attach an email or a note to the record?

A: No, you currently cannot attach anything beyond a work assignment document to a graduate appointment record. You can add text notes using the notes tab, however.

Q: Why do I see a red box around my index and an error message when I assign a sponsored index to a TA appointment?

A: Benny Hire knows that GTAs are not typically paid on a sponsored index, but also recognizes that there might be an exception to the general rule. The red box and message are there to alert you that you have entered a non-typical index for a GTA appointment.

Q: I have an appointment with a five-way labor split, how do I set that up in Benny Hire?

A: Benny Hire will allow up to six-way labor splits shortly after launch.

Q: Can Benny Hire display the titles associated with index and account codes?

A: This is currently not a feature in Benny Hire. However, it is a planned expansion of the system in the future.

Q: Can I see if the student has another active graduate assistant (GA) appointment? Can I see if the student has any active student jobs?

A: The hiring supervisor and HR/liaison roles can see if a student has active positions. However, this feature is not enabled for the finance reviewer role.

Q: How is the fee remission calculated if the student has GA appointments in multiple departments?

A: Fee remissions spread across multiple C60XXX positions will need to be done manually outside of Benny Hire.

Q: What does central payroll do with a manual check once it is processed?

A: An email will be sent to the BC payroll notifying them that a manual check has been processed, so they may provide direction.

Q: Does Benny Hire support GRA appointments being setup separately from GTA appointments?

A: We recognize that hiring supervisors will be different for the RA and TA assignments, and Benny Hire supports these assignments being requested separately. However, Benny Hire is designed to have a single appointment record that keeps track of both RA and TA assignments for the employee and a given C60XXX position number. If you attempt to create an appointment that is less than .30 FTE, Benny Hire will not allow the request to be submitted. If both the RA and TA assignments are less than .30 FTE, you will need to create a single appointment for both the RA and TA work.

Q: We have a grant ending prior to the end of the term. How do I change the funding mid-term?

A: Mid-term changes will be part of the GA change process that is slated to be available during summer 2019.

Q: What happens in an overpayment situation, how is that handled?

A: Overpayments are not part of the initial launch. We will look at the feasibility of including overpayments in the GA change process slated to be available during summer 2019.

Q: What happens if the HR/liaison role later changes the start date to an earlier date, and the grant is not yet active? What kind of check is there?

A: Benny Hire does not have the ability to look into grants and indexes, and view amounts, or start/end dates, so there is no check that happens. Should the HR/liaison role change the start date to an earlier date, there would need to be external communication between the roles. In the future, we are looking at adding a feedback look to automatically move an appointment back into the finance review queue in this case, but this will not be available at launch.

Q: Can I see a history of all changes made to the appointment, and who made them?

A: No, this is not currently a feature of Benny Hire, but is on the future roadmap.

Q: How quickly will data be pushed into Banner?

A: Data will be pushed from Benny Hire to temporary Banner tables as soon as central payroll reviews and approves an appointment. From there, an AppWorx load function runs a few times a day to load records into Banner.