Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I set up a summer-only job for a graduate student?

A: Graduate summer break jobs (suffix 55) will be an option within the Student Employee Hire portion of Benny Hire, which has a targeted release date in late spring term 2019.

Q: How does the spring recruitment process for graduate students interact with Benny Hire?  

A: Please contact for additional information on the spring recruitment process. Benny Hire is used when offering employment to a GA that has been admitted by the Graduate School.  Benny Hire will only be used for the hiring process of graduate assistants.

Q: How do I create a G2 graduate assistant job?

A: Benny Hire will automatically assign a G2 suffix to a secondary graduate assistant job. You no longer have to manage the suffix.

Q: My graduate student is not yet enrolled for classes, will that prevent me from hiring him?

A: Benny Hire will display the number of credit hours a student is registered for for the given term and future term, but it may be 0 if the student has not registered for classes. Benny Hire does not make a programmatic determination of the student’s eligibility status, so it will not prevent you from hiring your graduate assistant.