Performance coaching had its start at OSU in 1999 through a series of performance coaching workshops sponsored by InterACTION! and led by Paul Axtell and Cindy Officer, Contextual Program Designs.

Faculty and staff across OSU were trained as volunteer performance coaches under the direction of Axtell and Officer. This group actively coached faculty and staff at OSU with the program gaining interest. In 2004 Paul Biwan, Lisa Hoogesteger and Alice Sperling began training small cohorts in performance coaching skills because of the interest faculty and staff had to serve as coaches. As of 2015, small groups continue to be trained as coaches by Biwan. 

Requests to work with a coach are received on a regular basis and matches are made as the requests are received. Coaches volunteer their time and availability depends upon their schedules. We are mostly able to make a match within a reasonable time. The service is provided at no charge.

Employees who have been coached consistently report that the coaching helped them reach and exceed their goals. Overall, coaching has positively impacted their development.