Why Would I Use a Coach?

It's all about possibilities. We all have dreams of accomplishing something more and we have challenges that, if overcome, could make all the difference in our contributions. What if you could arrive at that "place" with the confidence and clarity reserved for those people who truly know what they want?

Accepting the expertise of a coach will increase your intentionality and focus to accomplish that which before seemed out of reach. Together with your coach, you can can express and explore ideas, experiment, work through action plans, and achieve higher level outcomes than when on your own.

Professional Coaching Structure

Professional development coaching involves 8-sessions, meeting weekly for one hour per week either in-person or by phone. There is some flexibility in meeting weekly; however, meeting regularly is critical to creating and sustaining the momentum.

Time Commitment

In addition to the coaching sessions, a coachee must commit to doing the work outside of the sessions. As part of each coaching session, a coachee will identify a set of action items to complete. Plan to commit 3-4 hours per week.

Are You Coachable?

A professional development coaching relationship must be entered into willingly. Are you ready to work and achieve amazing things for yourself? A coachee often sets unreasonable goals for themselves, then realizes these with the support of the coach. It is often people who are “busy” and have lots going on that seek a coach.

Admittedly, coaching is not for everyone. It calls for doing things differently and breaking away from past patterns that produced average results. Achieving extraordinary results can be demanding and requires holding yourself accountable to the work you’ve agreed to do.

As you consider the question, “Am I coachable," be honest with yourself. If you’re ready to put in the time, energy and work to achieve new levels of success, then your answer is “yes.”