A credible coaching program demands confidentiality, therefore we are not able to reveal names of the following testimonials. We are listing them, nevertheless, as an indication of what people are saying about the program.

"My coach helped me stay focused on my goals, and allowed me the freedom to explore ideas without judging."

"For me, coaching was a spiral outward that generated creative thought, new possibilities and commitment to action - as opposed to working in a vacuum of self perpetuating beliefs and thoughts."

"I got a tremendous amount out of my coaching. I felt validated, listened to, cared about. I feel more positive about myself and my abilities. I don't know what else I can say or how to describe my experience other than it was very, very powerful."

"My coach helped me to see that even the little things I do make a difference to others, and that I don't have to be in a position of power to get results."

"I don't think I would feel as positively about myself, specifically as a leader, without her support. She helped me look forward and see possibilities."

"Before coaching I was having trouble organizing where to begin with my project. My coach showed me that I had the tools; they just needed to be put to work."

Coachee Accomplishments

"I gained clarity on how to do dynamic work within limited time constraints."

"I have sought and taken on new responsibilities that I would not have considered if not for coaching, and look forward to this new role."

"I enrolled in an advance degree program at OSU."

"I began work on a new 'Leadership Certificate Program' for the students who are served by my department."

"I was able to participate in three different, difficult conversations that I had put off for years. They turned out to be very successful."

"I quit smoking (was a 27-year habit smoker!)."

"I produced changes in my job, physically and mentally, that moved me forward professionally."

"I completed several projects that had been 'albatrosses' around my neck.