July 27, 2020: At this time, the OSU Faculty and Staff Covid-19 Disaster Relief Fund has been exhausted and we are temporarily suspending any awards. Any applications received will be retained, so if there is additional funding provided for emergency assistance for OSU Faculty and Staff, applicants will be contacted in the order that their application was submitted. For additional emergency assistance, please go to https://www.211info.org/ for a list of available community resources.

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In collaboration with the OSU Foundation, Oregon State University is offering emergency financial assistance grants through the OSU Faculty and Staff Covid-19 Disaster Relief Fund. The purpose of this fund is to help employees in our university community with unexpected needs during this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This fund is supported by voluntary charitable employee donations and contributions from individual donors and other entities that want to assist Oregon State University faculty and staff facing unexpected financial challenges.

The Faculty and Staff COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund provides tax-free assistance under IRS Code Section 139. The program has been created to respond to specific needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic and response and is not available for general financial assistance.

Employees may submit applications requesting financial assistance for expenses incurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic more than once but may not exceed $500 in total grants. The grants are intended to assist with expenses that have not otherwise been reimbursed or covered by insurance or another source. This could include living expenses such as food, shelter, clothing, rent payments, primary residence repairs or mortgage payments; assistance with medical insurance out-of-pocket costs or co-pays; equipment costs for working or providing schooling at home; or funeral expenses.


All classified staff, professional faculty and academic/research faculty are eligible regardless of service time or FTE. Student hourly employees, graduate assistants, and stipend recipients (e.g., fellows) are not eligible. An individual must be actively employed on the date of grant distribution.

Qualifying Event

The fund is intended to assist employees who have experienced a COVID-19-related emergency that has caused a temporary financial hardship. This event must be caused by a sudden and unexpected occurrence, or combination of occurrences, that cause a pressing financial need for an employee. The event must be wholly unforeseen by the employee and beyond the employee’s control.

Examples of events that will be considered as qualifying for fund assistance include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) uninsured medical expenses caused by the employee’s severe illness or accident; (2) uninsured expenses incurred for the medical care of, or caused by, the death of an employee’s immediate family member; or (3) sudden unexpected drop in household income or increase in household expenses related to COVID-19.

The fund’s goal is to help employees who were not experiencing financial distress before the emergency to regain financial stability. Longstanding financial problems not related to a specific event do not meet the criteria of the fund. Awards are not intended to reimburse employees for the cost of non-essential, luxury or decorative items or intended to restore the recipient’s economic position prior to the emergency. Events that impact an employee's family member, with only an indirect effect on the employee, do not qualify for fund awards.

Application Process

Applications will be accepted through an online process. If an employee requires assistance with the online application, they may contact Human Resources Ask HR for assistance completing the application form.  

Employees may request grants in $100 increments up to $500. There will be an open application period from Monday through Sunday each week. Applications will be reviewed by the OSU associate director of benefits and the OSU associate director of classification and compensation.

Award Allocation

Awards will be allocated to verified eligible employees who submit qualifying applications during each application period. Applications will be awarded based on available funds during any given week. To the extent that available funds cannot support all applications, grants will be awarded based on employee salary level, from lowest to highest.

Employees will receive notification of an award through an award letter, and awards will be processed tax-free through the accounts payable process outside of the regular payroll system. If employees have questions about this program, they may contact Human Resources at AskHR@oregonstate.edu or call (541) 737-3103.

All awards are subject to the availability of funds and extent of need. Because the fund is supported by donations, availability of funds at a given time is not guaranteed.


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