Employee Class Codes

Employee Class (E-Class for short) identifies a group of positions. Chart for Employee E-Classes (.pdf file).

Code Description
CA SEIU Salaried 1.0 FTE
CB SEIU Salaried <1.0 FTE  (CB eclass is being phased out –  Use hourly CE)
CD SEIU Hourly .75+ FTE
CE SEIU Hourly <.75 FTE
GG GCIU Salaried 1.0 FTE
GJ GCIU Hourly <1.0 FTE
PL OSU Police Union
TS Temporary Support Staff
UA Uncl Teach/Res 9 mo .5+ FTE
UB Uncl Teach/Res 12 mo .5+ FTE
UC Uncl Teach/Res 9 mo <.5FTE
UD Uncl Teach/Res 12 mo <.5FTE
UE Uncl Non-Teach 9 mo .5+ FTE
UF Uncl Non-Teach 12 mo .5+ FTE
UG Uncl Non-Teach 9 mo <.5 FTE
UH Uncl Non-Teach 12 mo <.5 FTE
UP Postdoctoral Scholars
UT Uncl Hourly, All Appointments
UV Uncl Wage Appointment Salaried
UW Uncl Wage Appointment Hourly
UX OSU Federal Fac 12mo .5+ FTE
UY OSU Fed Non-Fac 12mo .5+ FTE
XA Student Employees
XB Graduate Assistants and Fellows
XX Other Unpaid