OSU’s Online PD & Recruiting System (PeopleAdmin) was upgraded to a new platform on January 26, 2016.

Internal Users, including Initiators, Reviewers, and HR users, may access the Online Recruiting System here:

To view the applicant site visit:  https://jobs.oregonstate.edu

Do you need internal access? Email your request to employment@oregonstate.edu along with the role you need, the department/orgs you need access to and the Business Center who assists you.

Online PD & Recruiting System Guides for Hiring Units and Search Committees

Position Management Module - View Classified/Temporary Staff and Unclassified Faculty Position Descriptions (Not utilized for Academic Wage or Student positions)

Applicant Tracking Module - View or Create Postings, Disposition Applicants, View or Initiate Hiring Proposals

User Guides


New Features and Improvements for Applicants in PeopleAdmin 7

  • Mobile friendly applicant site
  • Key Word search within postings
  • Browser’s Back button works within system
  • User-friendly display for applicant to see a full list of positions they’ve applied for
  • Easy navigation to save applications by section and complete later
  • Allows more characters per entry field
  • Easier process to attach documents such as resumes and transcripts
  • Up to 9mb of memory for each document uploaded

New Features for Hiring Units, Search Committees, and HR Users

  • User-friendly interface with tabs and drill-down options
  • Ability to use the back button of your browser
  • Home screen “Inbox” to display which items are awaiting the users attention
  • Watch List section to track the status of positions or postings users have flagged
  • Customizable Shortcuts and My Links tools
  • Ability to add or remove columns and save personal preferences
  • Ability to easily export report data to Excel
  • Ability to post site announcements such as holiday schedule or other important messages
  • Spell check for text entry fields built within the system
  • For Position Description Records-Customized views; default searches; report exports and bulk edit options

PeopleAdmin 7 also includes the ability to have separate forms and workflows designed for the unique needs of Unclassified Faculty, Classified/Temporary Staff, Academic Wage and Student position types.  Another huge plus are the enhanced reporting capabilities and the long awaited ability to integrate with Banner!