Review of a flexible work arrangement involving a work location outside the state of Oregon and within the United States


Oregon State University supports flexible work arrangements outside of the State of Oregon and within the United States when it supports business strategy, including academic and research priorities.

Flexible Work Arrangement Approval Process for Employees Requesting to work Outside the State of Oregon and within the United States:

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  1. Employee and supervisor meet to discuss the specifics of flexible work arrangement and to determine whether a flexible work arrangement is suitable for the employee’s position and the business needs of the unit.
  2. Employee and supervisor complete Section A, B, C, and D of the Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement (FWAA).

  3. The supervisor emails the completed FWAA form to The FWAA form should be submitted at least one (1) month prior to the employee’s proposed flexible work arrangement start date. Additional time is preferred if possible.

  4. The Associate Vice Provost/Senior Director for Employee and Labor Relations (AVP/SDELR),or designee, sends a summary of risks and responsibilities/recommendations to the supervisor and Dean or Vice President/Provost.

  5. The Dean or Vice President/Provost, or designee reviews the FWAA form and the information gathered by the AVP/SDELR and either approves, denies, or approves with modifications the request for a flexible work arrangement outside the state of Oregon and within the United States. The Dean or Vice Provost will notify the the supervisor, employee, and School/Department Head/Chair/Unit Head of their decision via email.

    1. If the flexible work arrangement is approved, the supervisor and the employee will meet and finalize the FWAA form.

  6. The supervisor will upload the completed FWAA form for signatures in DocuSign. The DocuSign signing order should be as follows:
    1. Employee
    2. Supervisor
    3. Dean/VP
    4. Employee and Labor Relations Officer as noted on the FWAA form.
    • Sender access in DocuSign can be requested by completing the Sender Access Request form.
    • DocuSign support resources are available on the OSU DocuSign Resources webpage.
    • If unable to request sender access, please send the completed and unsigned PDF to, who will facilitate routing for signatures.
  7. Once the FWAA is completed, Employee and Labor Relations will forward the completed agreement to the HR Service Center and Employee Benefits. Employee Benefits may reach out to employees to provide additional guidance and information regarding their benefits and working remotely.

  8. The HR Service Center will update the employee’s job location in Banner and upload the Flexible Work Agreement to the employee’s personnel record in OnBase.

Please note that review of requests may take up to 30 days.


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