Mandatory health coverage through PacificSource

The Graduate Employee Health Plan through PacificSource includes platinum-level coverage for medical, dental, and vision services. Postdoctoral Scholars and Clinical Fellows are required to either enroll in the PacificSource Health Plan or waive out with equal or superior coverage.

Forms & policy information

Cost of coverage

OSU contributes 100% of the monthly premium for the employee coverage plus 50% of the administration fee. The employee pays 50% of the administration fee and any additional premiums for dependent coverage.

The following amounts are your responsibility:

2019-2020 premiums

  Employee only Employee + spouse/partner Employee + child(ren) Employee + family Dental only (no OSU contribution)
Cost (per month) $6.50 $452.32 $318.53 $764.27 $51.32
Frequently asked questions
  • How do I pay for it?
    • Premiums will be deducted pre-tax from your paycheck monthly. Premiums are deducted in the same month for which you have coverage.
  • When will my insurance be effective?
    • Your insurance begin date is dependent on your position start date.
      • 1st – 15th of the month: Coverage starts the first day of the same month.
      • 16th – last day of the month: Coverage starts the first day of the following month.
    • Coverage will end the last day of the same month that your position ends.
  • What paperwork do I need to complete?
    • Enrollment forms and waiver application forms are to be submitted to the OSU Office of Human Resources Graduate Benefits within 30 days of the start of your position. A new waiver application is required each fall term to be submitted no later than October 1st. New enrollments or waivers are also due any time you return from a break in your position.

  • Can I enroll family members in this coverage?

    • Yes. Eligible dependents can be enrolled onto your plan within the first 30 days of your position start date, during the fall term open enrollment period, or when a qualifying life event occurs.

      Qualifying life events include: birth, marriage, permanent move to U.S., adoption, involuntary loss of other group coverage, etc.

      The Scholar/Fellow is responsible for paying the additional premium for dependent coverage.

      Once enrolled, you may only remove your dependents from your plan during fall term open enrollment, or when a qualifying life event occurs. A qualifying event in this case could be: divorce/separation, dependent gains other health coverage, or dependent moves outside the U.S.

  • How do I get my insurance card?

    • Once you are active on your insurance plan you can access your temporary insurance card on the PacificSource webpage. PacificSource will mail a permanent card to your address on file with the university once your coverage begins. You can create an InTouch for Members account through the webpage to update your mailing address, access benefit summaries, claim statuses and explanation of benefits, deductible accumulators and more. This same information can be accessed by downloading the myPacificSource app on a mobile device.

  • What if I have other insurance?

    • If you have your own insurance plan, and the coverage is considered comparable to the PacificSource plan offered by OSU, then you may qualify for an approved waiver. You will need to submit the waiver application form, a copy of insurance cards, and summary of benefits detailing your plan coverage to the OSU Student Health Insurance Office within 30 days of your position start date. You will be notified via email with a decision of waiver approval or denial.

  • Can I use the OSU Student Health Center?

    • No. Postdoctoral Scholars and Clinical Fellows are not eligible to use the OSU Student Health Center as they are not registered for classes as a student and do not pay the Student Health Services fee.

  • How do I find a Preferred Provider?

    • Refer to the list of Preferred Providers found online at the PacificSource website (choose plan network – PSN). When you go to that provider for an appointment, present your insurance card. You can also call PacificSource Customer Service at 1-888-977-9299 for assistance.

  • Can I keep my coverage when my position ends?

    • Once your position ends, you have the option of enrolling the COBRA continuation plan for up to 18 months as needed. COBRA is a continuation of the same coverage on PacificSource Health plans, however you will pay the full premium monthly directly to PacificSource Administrators. When your position ends, PacificSource Administrators will mail the COBRA election forms to you. To enroll, simply complete the forms and return to PacificSource Administrators with a payment.

    • More information regarding COBRA

Who can I contact if I have more questions?