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New Employee Orientation is going remote! Orientation will continue to be hosted monthly (via web conference), and will feature time-sensitive and critical content for new employees. Additional resources and services are available here, to support you as a new employee at Oregon State University. On this page you’ll find information about:

  • Working at Oregon State University: The Big Picture
  • Terms of Your Employment*
  • Your Benefits*
  • Required Training
  • Campus Services
  • About the Contributors 

*additional information will be presented during the Remote New Employee Orientation session offered monthly via Zoom. View upcoming sessions and register here!

Learn what we’re all about here at Oregon State University! Here’s some links to get you started:

University Human Resources Employee Labor Relations

The links below provide a general overview to the terms of your employment. Additional information will be presented during the monthly Remote Orientation session via Zoom. To attend an upcoming session, register here!

Employee Labor Relations Team Staff Directory

Required Training

Office of Youth Safety & Compliance

By state law, all OSU employees are mandatory reporters of child abuse and neglect. The Office of Youth Safety & Compliance offers resources and guidance to support compliance with this law and other policies related to child protection at OSU.

Critical training is required for all OSU employees. Below is a link to the training (please log in with your OSU credentials):

Office of Youth Safety & Compliance Staff Directory and Contact Information

Office of Equal Opportunity and Access

  • From the Equal Opportunity and Access main page, you can:
    • Report sexual misconduct
    • Submit a concern of discrimination, harassment, bullying, or retaliation
    • Request accommodations
    • Report child abuse and neglect to OSU that involves OSU people, places, or programs

Oregon State University is committed to creating an equitable and inclusive campus free of all violence, harassment, and discrimination. The University embraces and respects differences in sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation among all individuals. All individuals who are participating in University programs and activities have the right to do so fully, free from sexual discrimination, misconduct, and retaliation.  The University prohibits sexual misconduct of any kind, including sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, sexual exploitation, and stalking.  Such misconduct violates University policy and may also violate state or federal law.  When such misconduct occurs, the University will take steps to stop, prevent recurrence, and remedy the impacts of such behavior.

Most Oregon State University employees have an obligation to report incidents of sexual misconduct or discrimination. This policy describes the duties and the actions required of “responsible employees” in reporting such incidents, as well as the confidentiality the University will provide to those reporting such incidents.

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Access is responsible for overseeing compliance with civil rights and affirmative action laws, regulations, and OSU policies in the following areas: bullying, consensual relationships, discrimination and harassment, domestic partnership, genetic information, nondiscrimination on the basis of disability, nondiscrimination on the basis of religion, pay transparency, retaliation, sexual misconduct and discrimination, veteran status, responsible employee policy, and mandatory reporting of child abuse & neglect.


Office of Equal Opportunity and Access Staff Directory and Contact Information

Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety Staff Directory and Contact Information

Campus Safety

OSU Public Safety Officers respond to fire and medical emergencies on campus, as well as calls for service for office lockouts, bike lock cuts, and non-emergency transport to Student Health Services. Officers help ensure a safe campus by providing patrol and security checks of buildings and OSU property, as well as responding to all animal issues. Officers contact people in buildings after-hours, as well as suspicious individuals present on campus.

  • To report an emergency, dial: 911
  • 24/7 business line: 541-737-3010
  • For campus information: 541-737-8000
  • Be in-the-know: sign up for OSU Alert (Campus Alert System)

Learn more on the Department of Public Safety website.

Emergency Management Office

The result of having an emergency plan is the protection of lives and property while improving the response process. Emergency planning is a cycle of planning, training, exercising, and revising the plan. OSU uses written emergency plans as a central tool for Colleges, Departments, and work units to address concerns, outline procedures and manage operational components. To assist with your planning efforts, contact the OSU Emergency Management Office.

Learn more on the Emergency Management Office website

Campus Services

University Ombuds Office

The University Ombuds Office promotes a civil and inclusive campus community by providing informal, impartial, and confidential* conflict management services to all members of the university community. The Ombuds assist with individual concerns through service and education, and serve as change agents to address group conflict and systemic concerns. It is the goal of the Ombuds to foster a culture of healthy, safe and open dialogue, and facilitate cooperative problem resolution.

We invite you to visit the University Ombuds Office website for detailed information. From our homepage, you can view an Introduction to the Ombuds video, learn about What Happens If you Contact the University Ombuds Office?, access Self Help resources, and read the Office Charter

For questions or to schedule an appointment, please email ombuds@oregonstate.edu.

*confidentiality cannot be promised in matters relating to threats to public safety, child abuse, if there is imminent risk of serious harm, or if compelled by court of law.

Transportation Services

Transportation Services provides support and services for Corvallis campus commuters, residents and visitors. Our department operates the Motor Pool, managers campus parking, runs the Beaver Bus campus shuttle and encourages biking, walking, transit and carpooling. Our work directly supports education and research at OSU and beyond.

Learn more on the Transportation Services website, or email: transportation@oregonstate.edu

University Housing & Dining Services

Campus dining locations are open to all students, faculty, staff and campus visitors. Locations accept credit/debit and OSU ID card (Orange Cash), and most accept cash.

  • For up-to-date campus dining hours and locations, visit Food@OSU

OSU ID cardholders can put money into the Orange Cash account on their OSU ID card. There is an automatic 10% discount at campus food locations when you use Orange Cash to pay.

During regular operations, University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) serves to-go food in reusable Eco2Go containers. Eco2Go containers can be returned to any dining center, or to other designated locations and bins throughout campus.

  • Eco2Go return instructions and locations
    • In accordance with COVID-19 state requirements, while campus dining locations will remain open Spring Term, UHDS restaurants are now serving all meals in single-use take-out containers so that guests may take their food to go and eat in the location of their choosing. Learn more.

Learn more on the University Housing & Dining Services website, or email: housing@oregonstate.edu

Recreational Sports

The Department of Recreational Sports provides an extensive and diverse list of sport, fitness, and adventure opportunities to serve the varied recreation preferences and activity interests of the campus community.

Learn more on the Recreational Sports website

Facilities Services

Facilities Services operates and maintains OSU’s built environment to keep it safe, efficient, comfortable, and beautiful.

Learn more on the Facilities Services website, check out Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email: facilities@oregonstate.edu

About the Contributors

The Office of Human Resources (UHR) operates within the Division of Finance and Administration (DFA) and follows the guidelines and principles outlined by the DFA. We operate with three major groups: (1) HR Strategic Partners, (2) Centers of Expertise, and (3) HR Service Center.

Have a question? Email AskHR@oregonstate.edu

University Human Resources Team Directory and Contact Information

Oregon State University is committed to offering a physically, psychologically and emotionally safe environment for all youth. To support that mission, the Office of Youth Safety & Compliance is responsible for overseeing youth policies and guidelines ensuring accurate accounting of the youth participating in OSU programs.

Office of Youth Safety & Compliance Staff Directory and Contact Information

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Access (EOA) is responsible for overseeing compliance with civil rights and affirmative action laws, regulations, and policies. We provide leadership, guidance, and training in these key areas to promise and sure equitable and inclusive environments for all Oregon State University community members. EOA serves as the University’s Title IX and Americans with Disabilities Act/Section 504 coordinating office.

Office of Equal Opportunity and Access Staff Directory and Contact Information

The Office of Insurance & Risk Management Services (IRMS) provides services related to risk mitigation, avoidance and transfer through online risk assessment tools, consulting, waivers, and insurance – as well as accident tracking.  We also manage insurance claims processing for the University on over 35 different lines of insurance – including workers’ compensation, property, auto, and cyber insurance.

Insurance & Risk Management Services Staff Directory and Contact Information

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) assists departments in maintaining a safe and healthy University environment for staff, faculty, students, and visitors. We provide training, consultation, and various safety and health services, helping to ensure Oregon State University abides by the regulatory requirements established at the local, state and federal level.

Environmental Health and Safety Staff Directory and Contact Information