The Administrative Guidelines provides information on the following topics.

1) Program roles and responsibilities

  1. University Administration
  2. Supervisors
  3. Human Resources

2) Establishing a Position

  1. Family
  2. Level
  3. Position Profile
  4. Job Title Guidelines

3) Setting starting salaries

  1. Hiring in the 4th Quartile

4) Managing Pay within a Grade

5) Changes to Job Content

  1. Change in tools or processes for current job
  2. Expanded responsibilities in a current job
  3. Temporary assignments
  4. Interim or Acting appointments

6) Position Profile Reassignment, Non-Competitive Appointment, and Voluntary Movement

  1. Position Profile Reassignment
  2. Non-competitive appointment, Waiver of Search
  3. Voluntary movement to a job in a lower range

7) Salary increases and adjustments

  1. Equity and market adjustments
  2. Off-cycle salary increases
  3. Increase approval process
  4. Employees below minimum or above maximum of the range

8) Maintaining the Program