Competitive Pay Benchmarking Process Overview – Begins with the Compensation Philosophy

The Compensation Philosophy defines 3 employee segments: Senior Leadership, Mid-Level Directors and Staff, and Functional Experts and Professionals.

  • Comparison markets for benchmarking purposes will differ across the three segments:

Employee Segment
Industry Market
Senior Leadership and HE Specific Professionals Higher Ed (National Peers TBD), Higher Ed (Regional Peers TBD) National / Regional
Mid-Level Directors and Staff Higher Ed (Regional TBD), General Industry National / Regional / Local
Functional Experts and Professionals General Industry: Local market (TBD) when available Regional / Local
  • All 3 employee segments have the same target market position (market median); differences in comparison markets are intended to identify appropriate talent markets:
    • Senior Leadership has a higher education-specific comparison market
    • Mid-Level Directors and Staff have a blended higher education/general industry comparison market
    • Functional Experts and Professionals have a general industry-focused comparison market

Individual benchmark positions may require specialized market comparator sources.