Describe the major or most important duties performed by this position.  Be clear about both the overall function and specifics of work performed.  There should be an easily identifiable relationship between the duties, the position summary, decision-making, and lead work/supervisory responsibilities in the position description.

For each major duty, include the percent of time the position would typically spend in the various types of work.

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XX%:  Supervision:  Provides leadership, supervision and direction for assigned staff.    Hires and trains employees; plan, assigns and reviews work, establishing goals for each position and assesses performance through completion of written evaluations; acts on disciplinary issues, up to and including dismissal; addresses grievances, developing a framework for corrective actions, as necessary.

If this is an UPDATE or RECLASSIFY action, identify if the duty is (R) Revised or (N) New.

Reminder for temporary staff appointments:
Banner HRIS, Banner HR Data Warehouse, and Online PD and Recruiting System access are not granted to temporary staff employees unless extremely unusual circumstances exist. Departments are expected to provide back-up assistance from regular staff on duties requiring this level of access. Access may be granted for a limited time to returning OSU retirees if duties on the temporary assignment are similar to those performed prior to retirement. If your temporary staff request contains duties requiring this level of access, obtain written pre-approval for access from the Director of the Office of Human Resources.